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Hybrid of Three Previous Poems

I conbined "Tokyo Water," "Green Wall," & "Fukushima Spring" and created a new poem. Thank you for the idea, Charmi & DDL.


after fukushima

Sprouts absorb droplets. Tadpoles
plop their black tails. I felt

a kick in my womb.

No nuclear plants;
we want to birth healthy children…

Japanese women march behind a wall of camphor trees.

You come back with bleach. I hate
the lemon fragrance.

God doesn’t help me…

The smell of laundry detergent blows from a vent.

The breeze & rain cause no harm,
But children must drink bottled water,

the Japanese meteorologist said. No

water is left in the supermarkets.

I break egg
shells and cook a pea omelet. Your finger

slowly drags

down my spine.
I smell the bleach on it,.....throw

the omelet at the floor.

The green peas roll between us.

The kitchen light is turned off. Beaded

Tokyo water trickles into the drain.

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