Writing Seed

Thank you very much my writer's friends who emailed and commented about my last post. I really needed their cheers and opinions.

Writers are difficult to fit into this horribly capitalized society--amazingly I am surviving in a business world selling wrenches after wrenches-- and in the end, they decide to be isolated from the community because they believe their identities to be writers.

This life crisis will be a part of my experience, and I will suddenly have a moment that tells me I must write. Keep my head up and once I get an opportunity to publish, I will fire that energy into the right direction. Right now, what I can do is keep writing and educating myself.

Suddenly, I felt my writing was as successful at my dating. I had a handful of relationships when I was in college; however, once I became 24 years old, all the boys were running away from me no matter what I wore. Even though I showed my naturally tanned armpits. I read a lot of girly magazines to learn how to attract men that did not include that. I wanted to have attention. I wanted to be loved!

Then I understood that I needed to be a single for a bit. Actually, the best years I had were when I was single--I had my attic to write poems, friends to drink with, male friends who love chick flicks... After I enjoyed being single, I was finally ready to marry my death-metal hubby (who did not like chick flicks) who was actually just a friend at first. If I did not have the silly single life, I might not have been ready for marriage. Well, after my happily-ever-after, there is another aspect to be challenged.

Despite my wanting to live out my life elsewhere, I may end up living in Japan. However, I will always have a writer's spirit within me. The spirit is like a seed, which was planted when I was born. I just patiently have to wait until it blooms something like a yellow flower... or a venus fly trap.