It was a fantastic weekend. I had awesome Mexican Food at Javier's Sabor Mexicano on Friday. I had a 100% grass fed buffalo-burger at Whole Foods on Saturday. I went to find good deal spring clothes within $10 and found some perfect little shirts in the kids section of one of the stores. I had my favorite mocha at Seattle's Best Coffee. Well, it has been awful at my work for two months. I made tons of mistakes and am started to lose the company profit a little bit, something we always find out after the fact.

Actually, I do not know what I can do with a master's degree in English. I think that my job is probably the best current position because I can learn business from professional people. The business knowledge will be always useful in the artistic society or any field if I want to live with it.
In addition, with my personality, I cannot hinge my financial security on writing alone. In every morning, I am not happy with a glass of carrot juice with RYVITA from the Great Britten.