That's really right--I agree with you--I mean that my project is adapted from the details of news and stories about Japanese earthquake survivors; however, my poetic delivery is sort of missing. My biggest concern was how well I could translate those reported experiences into poetry material.

My process of writing poetry is that I observe the facts, translate it into English, and add those themes to fictional accounts in poems. The images are always based on my favorite things-- flowers, music, and family dramas. But the poetry is still news in the shape of poetry because I am adapting the narrative of news about 70% of the time.

For my next twenty-some poems, I will focus more on my artistic choices. Of course, I will edit the last nineteen poems. They are my very first drafts, so they will definitely change. I kind of surprised myself in keeping the first drafts in this blog, but please enjoy them. Next time you see them, they will be more polished. I promise.