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I am writing poems adapting Japanese tsunami news/stories into the first narrative. What I can do as Japanese, I want to tell their stories to English speaking countries. The poem is fictional based on a real event.


I found your body. You were under a wet
wool blanket and broken concrete. Your
thin skin was frosted. My daughter kept
you warm with her chapped hands. My
son found a letter in a blue tin box with
electricity bills. You wrote it when we
argued until three o’clock in the morning.
Ganbarou today. We’ll have a better night.
You put it in my lunch-box in 2008. My daughter cries,
I don’t want a spiritual message. I want my mother.
I took off your wedding ring and gave it to her.
My son stroked her head. I heard your voice
in the cold white wind like a reverie.

Ganbarou means to do one’s best work.

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