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I am writing poems adapting Japanese tsunami news/stories into the first narrative. What I can do as Japanese, I want to tell their stories to English speaking countries. The poem is fictional based on a real event.


Like a doll with its little
feet out. It was a dead
baby next to a dead mother.
She carries a bag
full of diapers. The diapers
are heavy with sea water. I find
baby clothes & cans of milk
in her backpack. I dig a hole,
post a long poll, and fly
a white flag. The flag
is a sign that they are dead.

In my dream,
there are those dead
bodies. I shake them in my arms.
Are you alright?
The bodies are like cold
rubber bands. The faces
melt on my hands.
The eyes open
widely. I see their sockets
full of mud. Sounds

of a fluttering flag
wake me in the middle
of the night.

There are still bodies without a flag.

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