About the new poetry, I though that it was a good idea to write poems for the tsunami victims; however, as I write more poems, I feel that it is inappropriate to imitate a victim. I will never understand their real sorrow. I heard a lot of survivors' experiences, and my brain kept telling me that I must adapt their stories into poems to get their tragedy out to more people. And then I fool myself. In the end, I am writing poems for myself. I think it is just for my satisfaction.

I am burning out for sure with my job and life. My thoughts are always everywhere--work, my unemployed husband, my sick father, and my neurotic mother-- writing poems after that is further exhausting me...unfortunately.

If I cannot finish this project, I probably cannot be a real poet, so I will challenge myself until it is finished. But at the same time, I really want to do this project for the victims in Japan.

I know that there are a lot of poets who have full time careers and they have similar problems to mine.

Yes, I am a big whiner.