My Sister's Office in Tokyo

After March 11th, I have not talked to my family and friends yet because Japan has decided to do rolling blackouts to conserve electricity for the deprived northern areas. Especially in Tokyo, there are a lot of people that have difficulty accessing public transportation (which is the main form of moving around daily over there). I am worried about my sister and good friends who live there. I really hope nothing happens in the dark areas or crowded places in terms of crime. Of course, there are still a lot of significant aftershocks. Some people are camping inside their houses without heat, lights, and running water.

I just cannot concentrate from thinking about Japan all day long. I know that my worrying is not going to help anyone. I know my family and friends are fine. But the problems with the nuclear power plants, aftershocks, and lack of essential materials... Why can I not help them? Why can I not stand beside them and support them? I really hate that I chose to live in a foreign country.

But I am really thankful that many countries--China, Russia,
South Korea, the U.S.A--are helping like they are. I would like to cheer Japan on. I want to go back and have a wonderful time with my family and friends again.

Ganbare Japan, I prey for them everyday.