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I start reading Li-Young Lee's "Behind My Eyes." I fall in love with his poems since I read "ROSE" two years ago.

One of favorite poems from his book...


"We can't stay where we are,
and we don't know where else to go,"

is the first card my mother deals. We're playing
her deluxe edition of "Memories
from the 20th Century."

"Dead Baby," "Mystery Bundles," "Cleansing by Sacrifice."

Seven cards apiece and the object is to not die.

"Exodus," "Eyes Snatched Away,"
"Superstition at the Side of the Road."

All cards are good or bad depending on how you play them.
"Defeated by wings," "Eating Forbidden Blood."

No card possesses inherent value.
"Among the Lepers," "Burial by the Solo River,"
"The Extracted Oil."

Every player begins in bondage.
Every player eventually dies. Everybody plays
where they know or don't know they're playing.

Maybe this isn't game.
Maybe it's the World Evening News.

Maybe this time I'll rescue my mother.
I can't tell if I thought that or if she said it.

Maybe this isn't the news.
Maybe this is a dream God is having
and somebody should wake Him.

Good boat, first boat, old boat, Mother,
my first night with you lasted nine months.
Our second night together is the rest of my life.

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