I am reading Columbia Poetry Review, which I purchased yesterday at Columbia College Chicago.

Two of my favorite poems...

The Penguin Chronicles
By Jason Bredle

Six days a week it's a sea of black and white. The seventh day
it's white as far as you can see. Have you ever traveled where the
sun never sets? Have you ever felt the despair of standing on a
sheet of ice with the last Oreo cookie in your hand? I'm all right.
Everything's fine. I'm not a lone. If I learn to hop, squawk, swim
and eat raw fish I think the penguins will consider me a friend. I
hope they tell me where they go on the seventh day. Maybe they'll
even invite me to go with them. The sky here is always so blue.

And our professor...

In the Fine Time of Warriors
By David Dodd Lee

Latin for it, buried deep, in tongues


Next, install the Skep-to-kill Driver

A few individual peas roll around on the dinner plate


Toes to die for

Under the earth there are tunnels and caves full of harvester ants

The guy's name was John

Black Beauty gets it in the end

John the jackass

A couple of time I actually lost my driver's license

Jock Sturges thinking hard about death at Block Island

Incest, and patricide

Threes droop arthritically over the big flat river

The carp-fat Buddhas

There is no king of pop

I put some mustard in her canyon

So fancy

It takes two hours

This convenient above ground pool makes perfect sense for most homeowners