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Boxes and a Cat
Writing Carrier:
Moving Out from College Town

So, I am moving out again. This time though, I am moving completely out of South Bend. I knew that South Bend is a passing city and not my second home town even though I have lived here for six years. South Bend is the city of my college memories, thousands of broken hearts, and good friends. I learned how to write poetry in South Bend and I also learned how to fall in love with random men and even a particular one in South Bend. In addition, I spent a huge amount time by myself in a school housing attic.

I will miss my college life by the St. Joseph River. The life was not as crazy as my neighbors’—who were arrested by growing prohibited plants in their basement—but it was enjoyable. There was one time when a campus police officer came to my house because of my 21st birthday party. Without that, I had been a very quiet resident of South Bend.

I ran a total of thirteen roommates out of my old house. When I lived with a Russian pianis…
There are no Christmas decorations this winter,
so Aaron brought home Christmas flowers.
Writing Carrier:
Selling My Textbooks at Book Trader

I sold my textbooks at Book Trader on 1614 Mishawaka Ave and received $110.00. I have never sold textbooks before because I wanted to see my knowledge lining up on my bookshelves, but this moving out situation changed my mind. I never expected I could get so much money.

Book Trader (Your Alternative Bookstore)
Buy, Sell, Trade Any Textbook from Any College
1614 Mishawaka Ave.
South Bend, IN 56615

The buy-back price is obviously higher than the IU South Bend Barnes and Noble Bookstore. The IUSB bookstore did not accept several used Spanish textbooks, which are specially edited and published for IUSB students, but Book Trader accepted mine and paid me $12.00 for it.

Since this 2009 fall semester, the IU South Bend bookstore has been run by Barnes and Noble, and to that I would like to say “S$&%!” The bookstore is now exclusively about profit instead of providing excellent service for motivated students.

There were so many freshm…
Writing Carrier:
When has mundane ever been so desirable?

I am in the middle of my pre-mid-life crises. I turn twenty seven next year, but I seriously have no idea what I want to do outside of academia, outside of a cage of books. As a reference, my work experiences are at a book store in Japan, a college library in America, and teaching something, something, meaningless in domestic and foreign countries. Today was my official last day of being part of a university. I submitted my students’ grades this afternoon and said ‘farewell’ to fellow teachers.

I sound academic; however, I am not smart enough to achieve a doctorial degree. In other words: I could achieve a master degree because so many professors were generous enough to support a foreign bookish cheerleader. When I smiled, they gave me B. I wish that I could have nice boobs, then maybe… a B plus.

“Congratulations, you achieved a lot in academic years! I am proud of you” people told me while I taught at a college after …
Moving Out or just a dinning table on a regular day

Boxes and Christmas gifts
Writing Carrier

I am ridiculously stupid when it comes to job searching. Several days ago, I wrote that art and business should never become best friends—artists need to concentrate on whatever they are doing without pressure from their daytime jobs—and I was very clear about not wanting to work at an office.

However, I (stupidly) applied to an office position at one of the most powerful insurance companies in the world, and made the final interview. The company sounded fantastic in that they support health benefits for all their workers and their families; in addition, they provide private gyms and four weeks paid holiday. From their office in the 20th floor of their building, workers have a beautiful view of Lake Michigan.

I thought that it was a good idea to work for the company until I discovered mandatory night shifts in the last interview. They did not say anything about my need to work for two major Japanese insurance companies in the Japanese time zone; therefore, one out of…
"Call Me; I'm in a Tea Cup"
"Burning Piano"

"I love bubbles."