Empty Suitcase:
Pick Up the 27 Phone Receivers from Artists and Writers in Analecta

I am pleased to introduce 27 artists and writers in Analecta 2009. These artists and writers have been specially selected from the finest ingredients at IU South Bend and processed by Fiction Editor: Mitchell Robinson, Poetry Editor: Eric Duenez, and Editor in Chief: Naoko Fujimoto to produce a full bodied, robust Analecta that goes down smooth, and never comes back up.

The IU South Bend Writing Awards have not been announced yet, so they may have minor adjustments (I hope to not miss award-winning writers at this moment,) however, this issue will contain 100% creative energy; I guaranteed to inebriate the senses without risking the brain cells.

The cover art will be designed by a promising, young photographer, Ashley Hartsough. She is a junior, double majoring in radiology and fine arts. She has been practicin photography for four years and her pictures have sparkle, gripping any eyes that glance upon them. “I must have it,” readers will say; and then their souls will be mine.

Some featured writers are Ryan Smith, who was recently accepted by the MFA Writing Program at the University of Notre Dame and Vince Bauters, who is a former editor in chief for Analecta 2008. Both writers are published in the poetry magazine, Margie. The magazine is available at bookstores nationwide.

From an advanced poetry class come writers Amy Irons and Nicole Koroch and Samantha Plute as a photographer, who will publish their creative works in Analecta. Brandi Miller, the editor of the IUSB Preface and Dane Blue, the President of Student Government Association, will also publish her creative nonfiction story and his photograph, respectively.

I named only a few artists and writers of the 27 that contributed because of limited space; however, I am very excited to have worked with such an inspiring group of artists and writers.

Last but not least, a phone receiver is the theme of Analecta 2009. These great works surround the readers like 27 dormant phones, letting them answer whichever one calls out first. So listen, all the 27 phone receivers will suddenly be ringing, bumbling around on a green spring field on April 11.

*artwork by Naoko Fujimoto