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My grandfather, Shigeru Fujimoto, passed away on November 9th, 2008. I miss him but I pray for him in his afterlife...
Peace, love, and a phone receiver...

(Lobster Telephone by Salvador Dali)
Empty Suitcase:
If I Chew my Homework More, It’ll Absorb Better.

“Why do you need a Master’s degree in English if you are a writer?” said my personal writing-life advisor, Yoda-ish yodeler. I gave him the nickname because he is wise like Yoda from Star Wars, he has a messy goat-chin, and he likes singing and eating Swiss cheese with Samuel Adams beer. He has five hairs sticking out from the top of his nose like the Pentagon protecting it from outside world; perhaps, receiving all the academic information for his brain. I always want to pick out the longest of the five with a tweezer.

The Yoda-ish yodeler usually has a moment of truth when I talk to him. Of course writers do not need college degrees. Degrees may polish their status but they just need talent, motivation, and chances. But I, an international person, need permission to stay in America. I just need a visa, paper documents, a passport, financial support…unaccountable things.

So, I responded, “Because I want to write in Engli…

Submit Your Creative Writing and Art Work to Analecta!

Analecta Submission Rules:

1. Manuscripts must be received by the Department of English (DW3115 or 3127) by Wednesday, December 17th, 2008.

2. Manuscript preparation:

A. Type or word-process manuscript

B. Submit two copies of each manuscript.

C. The author’s name, address, student ID number, and e-mail address must appear on the first page ONLY of each manuscript.

D. Please use IUSB email address

3. Students should retain original copies of their work. Manuscripts are not returned.

Genre Rules

Poetry: 1 to 3 poems, maximum of 6 pages
Short Fiction: 1 story, maximum of 7,000 words.
Drama: 1 one-act or 1 full-length play (no musicals)
Non-fiction Prose: 1 work of non-fiction, maximum of 7, 000words

Any manuscripts submitted are automatically considered by the staff of Analecta, IU south Bend’s student-edited and student-written inter-arts magazine, for publication in its annual spring issue.

Aaron and Naoko